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Download and watch videos ad-free from 100+ sites using youtube-dl.

Built with youtube-dl and youtube-dl-android.



Enter the URL of a video in the box, or "share" a link from any with the app to download a video.

SmartCookieWeb intergration

In SmartCookieWeb 13.0+, navigate to the video page and press the download button in the navbar. The page to download the video will open.

In lower versions of the browser, open the dropdown menu, choose the "Share" option, and select SmartCookieWeb-ytdl.


  • Download videos from hundreds of sites in various resolutions

Why is this a seperate app?

  1. Adding youtube-dl alone into SmartCookieWeb would increase the app size by 10MB, so instead of increasing the app size to add a feature most users won't use, it's split into a seperate app

  2. Google Play doesn't allow apps that can download videos from YouTube on Google Play